A Patient, May 2015

I'm very nervous when it comes to the dentist, but I've been here for years and not had any problems, although I still panic incase I need to have anything done, thankfully I've not. They explain everything, and give great advice and are great with kids too.

Alison O'Connell - August 2015

Great with nervous patients. I hadn't been to the dentist in 25 years due to fear. I had to go this year as one of my teeth had an infection and I was petrified. I saw the dentist and they were fantastic. The dentist really put me at my ease and didn't make me sit in the chair until I felt ready. The dentist explained everything and didn't belittle my fear. Will definitely be going regularly now.

A Patient, October 2011

The Dentist I have seen over a large number of years, has been unfailingly courteous and caring, and concerned to minimise pain and discomfort. Their treatments have not always been 100% effective, but I believe that is inevitable, and any failure has not been the result of dentist error, but other limiting and accidental factors. The large majority of treatments has been very satisfacory in all respects.

The Dentist has the priceless physician's gift of putting patients at ease!